Seasonal Specialties

All Entrées are Gluten Free
* Vegetarian and Vegan Options

Being a guest-driven business, we listen to what our patrons tell us and sincerely evaluate their observations and recommendations. As we were working on some revisions to our menu, it was clear that many were asking for more vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. After discussing the concept amongst our team and susequently soliciting ideas from our wonderful friends up the street at Fern Creek Medical Center, the concept of seasonal dinner specials was born.

Many have told us there are few options for these types of menu items, and the establishments that do have entrées of this nature offer very little variety. With a seasonal menu rotating every 3-4 months, we’ll be able to vary our selections and take advantage of what is available from local growers and vendors and in some cases, they will be able to grow fresh ingredients specifically for our menu.

Based on taste tests, we are confident that this menu concept will excite our local patrons who visit us regularly, as well as those who are visiting Idyllwild from near and far. If you have any suggestions for future menus, please don’t hesitate to let us know … we are here for your … and truly value your continued support!

The beautiful mile-high community of Idyllwild is home to a fascinating and eclectic collection of souls comprised of entrepreneurs, artists of every flavor, hipsters and church-goers, authors and meditators, some really cool, old-school jazz cats, photographers galore, and a few belly dancers and ballerinas. Café Aroma has long been a favorite gathering place for them, the place to “see and be seen” and features the only year-round (and dog-friendly!) outdoor deck on the Hill. Restaurant, Live Music Venue, Art Gallery, Social Club, and a very cool Home Away From Home … if your home was this cool!

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