Café Leadership


Ryan Jones “Peanut” Darling

Kitchen Manager

Thirty-two year old Ryan Jones Darling (a.k.a. Peanut) has been working at Café Aroma for the last six years and in May of 2014, was promoted to the position of Kitchen Manager after Geoff Brown, our previous Chef and mentor to Ryan, left to open a new restaurant in Idyllwild.

Ryan has always loved the culinary arts and is constantly experimenting with new flavors, plate presentations and menu ideas, keeping Café Aroma on the leading edge of what’s new and exciting in the SoCal culinary scene. While crediting Chef Geoff, Ryan also heaps much praise on his team (including day shift leader Ian Yoho) as he realizes, like all successful managers do, that it’s all about the team and he truly appreciates the efforts of each and every member of his staff.

While the culinary arts are his passion, the real love of his life are his two sons, Jacob and Alex, and when not working, enjoys being with them whenever he can, along with hanging out in the company of friends and family, and taking in concerts, sporting events and frequenting comedy clubs.

Unlike many Chefs, Ryan very much enjoys walking around the café, talking with guests, and answering questions about the food and all things culinary.

When interviewed for this bio, he stated “If you see me walking around the café, please don’t hesitate to call me over to your table with any questions that you may have. Guest feedback is critical to any successful, guest-driven restaurant operation, and we take our guest’s comments very seriously and sincerely appreciate all of our patrons.”